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About Us

An Interview with Greg Lamoureux, Owner
Who is Sea Side Kites? 
Sea Side Kites is located at 1 Pleasant Street, Cohasset, MA. , situated at the opening to Boston Harbor and surrounded by The Boston Harbor Islands. Nantasket is a 3-mile stretch of beach that has 12ft tides and topped by a retaining seawall. Prior to the seawall being built, our shop would have been ‘waterfront property”… we are now located one street over from the beach. We are open year-round and enjoy the crush of beach-goers in the summer and community support and local involvement during the off-season.
How did you get involved in running a retail shop?
We always knew we wanted to own our own business, just not what type of business. When we moved to the South Shore area of Boston , we had the opportunity to purchase a home near the water and fell in love with this beachside community. We decided it would be fun to fly a kite on the beach and began to look in all the shops near the beach… no one sold kites! We rented a vendor’s cart and stocked it with $200 worth of windsocks, plastic kites and spinners.
How long have you been in business?
Since 1995.
Are you affiliated with any other groups? (Kite clubs, business groups, trade organizations, etc.) 
We are members and actively support several kite clubs: the Connectikiters, Great Lakes Kite Flyers, Kites Over New England and the New York Kite Enthusiasts. We are also members of the American Kiteflyers Association and the Kite Trade Association International. We are active in our local Chamber of Commerce and we also support several fund raising efforts throughout the year.
The City of Boston, and in particular Mayor Menio’s office has opened the doors to kiting in Boston by assisting us with permits and all the other paperwork issues event organizers need to deal with. When the Democratic National Convention was held in Boston in 2004, Sea Side Kites was contacted to be the featured participant at a delegate’s party held at a Boston Parks and Recreation site. With great support from local kite club members we were able to put on a spectacular show that kept the delegates spellbound and actively participating.
What does Retailer of the Year mean to you?
It is an honor to be chosen by a group of your peers that you have worked with and beside for so many years. We both take an enormous amount of pride in being able to participate in and provide support to many kiting and charitable events throughout the year. We have developed great friendships with customers, kiteflyers, manufacturers and other retailers. To be recognized for something we love doing is wonderful!
What kinds of things does Sea Side Kites do, if any, besides run a retail location?
We start the year with National Kite Month by organizing weekend fun fly’s at nearby parks and beaches each weekend in April. In May, we hold our Annual Family Fun Fly and in June we are the event organizers for the Boston Area Sport Kite Championships and Kite Festival. We also are very proud to be sponsors and active participants of the Sullivan County Kite Festival in NY and the Hammonasset Kite Festival in CT. and programs for the Boston Harbor Islands Alliance. We also have an active website which Greg keeps updated not only with retail products but also with pictures from our very successful “Kites for Kids Program”. Our program has doubled just this year with client referrals and with many of our clients returning year after year. The year closes out with kite making and indoor demos at Boston’s First Night Celebration on December 31. We have even had the opportunity to march in the parade through Boston with over a million spectators and full news coverage; an absolutely awesome experience!
If you could put your finger on the one thing that you feel has contributed to the overall success of Sea Side Kites, what would it be?
Affiliations with the AKA, KTAI and local kites clubs has provided a platform to implement new ideas, expand programs and maintain close personal and business relationships over the years.
And of course “Customer Service” … It is our customers who make us proud and have told us “you not only sell kites, but you Sell Smiles”!
We are very pleased at what we have been able to accomplish and confident about our successes in the future. Currently we are focused on growing our “Kites for Kids Program” and expanding our support to kiting events.
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